On Witchcraft

Sparked by the article at https://www.marketwatch.com/story/why-millennials-are-ditching-religion-for-witchcraft-and-astrology-2017-10-20, a couple atheist MGTOWs have had some useful insights into the nature of witchcraft. YouTube links:


Speaking for the Christian side, women descend into witchcraft because it’s a source of power. Men are given much more strength, intelligence, social skills and capacity for devotion. God’s design for woman was that she would appreciate power wielded on her behalf, not seize it for her own use. Women have power of sexuality over men but that is very time-sensitive and prone to diminishing returns. Women in rebellion therefore seek forbidden power to replace the men their poor behavior drives away, a microcosm of humanity reaching into darkness to replace the light of God the Father.

TFM makes the case that women go for occult things like astrology and New Age because math is hard. In other words, they choose “religion” that doesn’t make moral judgments, has no mandatory structure and can be used to justify (or absorb blame) for just about anything. This makes sense and explains Churchians reverting to feelings and care-based morality at the expense of Scripture’s uncomfortable truths.

Similarly, Sandman revisits the (mythology of) witch trials of colonial New England as an example of men believing whatever young, sexy women say, and said young women using them in a power play against the older women. I doubt things actually happened that way in real life; Occam’s Razor says the witches were burned because they were witches;  but the idea effectively explains why priests today are so reluctant to either thump the Bible or remind young women of God-given limits upon their power over men.

Lastly, this explains why the alternative to patriarchy is mud huts, because building mud huts doesn’t require math.


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