It’s Time for Politics in Church

Being Protestant American, I know that one of the Church’s primary duties in society is being the public conscience. When society’s leaders do right, the Church should notice. When society’s leaders do wrong, the Church should notice. This highlights the black cruelty lurking in the heart of every single clergyman in North America.

For example, look at the latest tyrannies of the California government. Just a few highlights can be found at and

Treason against the United States by sanctioning illegal immigration. Obstructing punishment of juvenile criminals. More than $10 BILLION in new debt. Special considerations for transsexual behavior. More restrictions upon law-abiding gun owners. Using legislation for ad hominem attacks against Donald Trump. More entitlements for pregnant women that force business owners to pay them for not doing their jobs. Earth worship. Legalization of sex acts with children.

And YOU! You priests! You pastors! You so-called leaders of Christianity! You have nothing to say about any of this! Does God not care if a man keeps his publicly made promise? Does God not have an opinion about piling debt upon people who cannot yet vote for the frivolous benefit of those who can? Did God suddenly approve of gender-confused restrooms at the moment the Legislature said it was okay? Where in the Bible is morality considered a private matter only? No, you want to talk about Bible trivia and how God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life: raising children to be financially and sexually molested by Important People, apparently.

We are commanded to be the salt of the Earth. The purpose of salt was food preservation. It slowed decay. Thwarted disease. Improved taste. That is what God wants the Church to do. Make these monsters uncomfortable. Expose what they do. Uphold Christ to make life more pleasant for the general public. You already have social media accounts, yes? Then what are you waiting for?

That is all you need to do. Talk about it. Good and Evil and the current events in which they turn up. But you leaders won’t do it. You are useless, worthless silent partners.

Therefore, Christianity shall pass from your wooden boxes full of asswipes to we the people who dare to speak the truth. Because that’s all Christ wants us to do, too. Here is your opportunity, fellow Christian of no worldly significance! Bring politics into church. Point out the evil. See if you can corner your pastor into publicly taking a side, as if he could possibly justify “men who are sexually attracted to dicks should be allowed to take Boy Scouts into remote areas with no witnesses and little privacy”. Fun! Godly! And when they kick you out for disrespecting the Johnson Amendment, you will never have felt so free.


3 thoughts on “It’s Time for Politics in Church

  1. But you leaders won’t do it. You are useless, worthless silent partners.

    But you know, maybe they are at least vexed, like Lot. Yes, that’s it. They are not calling it out, but their souls are vexed by it from day to day.


  2. If the guy you’re thinking of is doing something, anything to push back the tide of evil then I have no complaint. Lot couldn’t purge Sodom of evil but he did what he could by protecting visitors to the city.

    As I said above, all I want is for clergy to publicly say “this is evil”. That’s all I do myself, these days. No formal protests, no lawsuits, no vigilantism. Just call the spade a spade. This is Christ’s example and part of preaching the Gospel. If we do not convince people that evil exists then how can we convince them they need Christ’s salvation? Salvation from what?

    Why, churches don’t even push back against the lie of evolution and that wouldn’t even jeopardize their tax-exempt status. If you can’t do anything else then uphold God as the Creator of Life. Even that would improve the situation.

    Thank you for reading my blog! There must be a trick to popularizing it that I don’t know about. Or maybe it just takes time.


  3. I think it can take some time though I’ve never tried to operate one. I say it based on perusing the earliest editions of blogs that are now heavy hitters in the ‘sphere. Most did not seem to start off immediately with a large audience. Also, unless I’ve figured this wrong, I get the impression there are many more readers than commenters for everyone’s blog.

    You are in well developed stages of a larger war by virtue of living in CA. I lived there more than once for a total of about 10 years, so I know it is a significant factor. Out here across the great plains the war is in early stages and not well developed. Most pastors, though as hamstrung by a fear of women as any that might be pointed out by Dalrock, will fight some of the kind of low level fights you have mentioned. But even there they do not have a united front, their stances varying based on the particulars.


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