A Tale of Two Churches

The Renaissance had two Revolutions of great import, the French and American. The difference between them was Christianity.

In the French Revolution, the Church sided with the nobility in exploitation of the people. The result was the people rebelled against Christianity as well as monarchy. In turn, the result of that was that the French Revolution would be the crowning achievement of the Renaissance, removing the last religious barriers from man’s path to self-created utopia along with the political barriers.

And then the Reign of Terror happened. Pundits of the day were aghast at how the glorious removal of Christianity could end in such a blood-drenched tyranny. Then and continuing to this day, atheists of all stripes study the French Revolution carefully to discover what went wrong… how next time, they can purge society of Christianity without evil men taking advantage of the intentionally amoral situation.

Meanwhile, in the English colonies the Church supported the people against the corrupt nobility. This endeared Christianity to the people to such an extent that Christianity was formally accepted as the nation’s conscience. Laws were passed to ensure no government figure would be able to silence the Church from opining about the morality and worthiness of its actions.

By no coincidence, the United States is not considered a part of the Enlightenment or Renaissance. That nation was written off and ignored on the far side of an ocean, a failure unworthy of discussion… so far as the Elites of the day were concerned.

America went on to greatness. Today, it is clearly falling from that greatness in fires of usury and self-genocide. But this is only the backdrop to the great achievement of the Renaissance: purging a society of Christianity while maintaining that society’s integrity. This is being done through the trick of Original Sin, the natural inclination of man to appease woman at the cost of loyalty to God. In France, the rebels left Christ. In modern America, the rebels left Christ for women. A counterfeit morality took the place of true morality.

It is an awesome sight, to be sure. America’s Protestant Church was intentionally decentralized and redundant to limit such moral infections. And yet, the American Church sat down and died in a single generation with barely a whisper of protest on account of its eagerness to pedestalize women. A treachery that could not have been more smoothly enacted had all the clergy met in secret to plan it out.

On the strength of this, I predict that Christianity will only recover once women are purged wholesale from participation in Church business. They clearly pose too great a temptation for Christian men; this is hardly the first time Evil has used women as a moral shiv. (First documented case being Numbers 25.) But it may be the last. Every branch of Christianity–Protestant, Orthodox and Roman Catholic–has now fallen to feminism and despises us Christian MGTOWs, who have rejected marriage and sex for loyalty to Christ. They hate the bachelor and chase the pussy so much that they equate evangelism with breeding.

Food for thought.


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