The JFK Assassin

Trump announced he’d be releasing the JFK files.

Since the window is apparently closing, here’s my theory: JFK was murdered by his father, Joe Kennedy Sr., for not being his puppet.

Joe Kennedy Sr. is one of America’s unsung monsters. He was an ally of Roosevelt; a strong supporter of the New Deal; an inside trader appointed to the Securities & Exchange Commission to end insider trading; a craven ambassador and appeaser during the Blitz of London; and an early member of the Deep State to such an extent that he could not only buy his son a U.S. Presidency, but the first Catholic Presidency. (This in a nation founded by Protestants escaping Catholic persecution.)

He was also a monstrous father who used his personal wealth as a tool to control his children. He subjected one of his daughters to a frontal lobotomy for uncertain reasons and when it reduced her to imbecility, refused to acknowledge her existence again.

The story becomes interesting when JFK achieved the Presidency. His father intended the militant Communist takeover of America but JFK not only refused to cooperate but pushed back. As an example, the Cuban Missile Crisis happened because Joe assured the USSR that JFK would not take drastic action to stop it. What the Communists first assumed was harmless saber-rattling by a secret collaborator escalated to the brink of nuclear war.

Ironically, JFK’s anti-Communist (anti-father) actions warmed Americans to the idea of Roman Catholicism.

Which brings us to the assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald was a known Soviet agent. JFK was a known-to-be popular figure. There was no way the USSR would provoke a war by assassinating him. Had they wanted a war, they’d had several earlier opportunities to do so. But Joe Kennedy was the kind of father who wouldn’t hesitate to kill his own children when they became inconvenient to his plans.

Joe used his Soviet contacts to arrange the assassination and was the source of information allowing Oswald to pull it off.

The cover-up is unrelated and simple to explain. Once the investigators confirmed Oswald was a Soviet, they knew that going public with the information would probably lead to World War 3. The Missile Crisis had already come close enough and now the Russians had apparently fired the first shot.

What do you do? Tell the truth and ignite a global war, or cover it up and let people lose their minds but not their lives over the issue of a guy who’s already dead anyway? It can happen; ask Archduke Ferdinand. The conspiracy didn’t pre-exist but this sensitivity is why the conspirators took the truth to their graves. They didn’t want to spark WW3.

Epilogue, Joe Kennedy’s son Robert Kennedy was assassinated while Joe was grooming him to replace JFK, breaking Joe’s hold on the highest level of power. This coincided with the ending of Soviet provocation in North America.


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