MGTOW Proves God Is Real

For such an easily disprovable theory, the hold that Evolution has upon modern thought is amazing. It’s considered gospel even as it’s updated on a yearly basis to account for new information. Thank God gravitation doesn’t need updating every time a gym rat drops a weight.

There’s no shortage of disproofs of evolution. The Cambrian explosion has never been addressed; we’re looking exactly at where the “missing links” are predicted to be in the fossil record and they aren’t there. This won’t change, can’t change and scams like Piltdown Man only highlight the desperation of evolutionary scientists to find supporting evidence. “Look, we found one missing link! This proves everything even though TENS says missing links should be everywhere! Wait, that wasn’t a missing link after all. We’re still right!”

Then there’s Irreducible Complexity. Life is so complicated that making an organism one step simpler will kill it. Remove one element of, say, the blood clotting mechanism and you don’t get the slightly less efficient blood clotting that evolution predicts. You get blood that never clots, or never stops clotting, or clots in the wrong place. You get death. Like the fossil record, this disproof by counterexample hasn’t been answered so much as ignored.

And now, human behavior disproves evolution.

Per evolution, the SINGLE metric of an organism’s success in life is reproduction. Natural selection. Once again, we could just stop here because the simpler cockroach reproduces much more successfully than the more complex, later-appearing homo sapiens. The next time a woman talks about what a great effort childbirth is, remind her that the average bug will exceed her lifetime accomplishment by three orders of magnitude.

Now we get to the interesting part. Women are sexually free like never before. Per evolution, the result should be a baby boom. Babies all over. Women should have been breeding at capacity, say, 10+ babies per woman for a few decades now that the welfare state has made their resources functionally unlimited.

Oops. We’re seeing the exact opposite. Given the chance, women will selfishly destroy their own children. Given reproductive freedom, women will stop reproducing. These are exactly the opposite of evolution’s prediction. If humans are the pinnacle of two billion years of ruthless trial and error to maximize spawning then why do we need the artificial structures of restraint and civilization to meet the one and only definition of “successful species”?

On top of that, we MGTOWs shouldn’t exist. Intentionally avoiding chances at reproduction? Even with good motivation, there’s no reason evolution would have allowed us the choice. Bacteria don’t choose to reproduce. If there’s a fish or lizard avoiding females just because they might kill him then I haven’t noticed.

In truth, society does treat us as if we’re unthinking creatures. We must breed! Avoiding women is avoiding life! Man up and bang that black widow! But assuming evolution, the shame shouldn’t even be necessary. We can choose against women… and when we do, we prove evolution is a lie. Proof by contradiction: God is real because we can behave contrary to evolution.

And because we are creatures of design and not random chance, the attempts to reduce us to mere livestock can only be described as Evil.


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