Five Works of the Devil

The common conception is that devil worship involves chanting in a circle around a five-pointed star with backwards-played rock music for ambiance. This isn’t true, at least, no more true than doing the Lambeau counts as playing football. Our enemy is more results oriented. Here’s the highlights of how to recognize his deeds:

1) Inverting of Dominance & Submission

Veterans of Dalrock and Vox Day are familiar with how modern women are legally the heads of households, literally wearing the family pants while husbands are either obedient or punished. In other words, society pushes women to act like men and men to act like women, to the point where men are increasingly not allowed by law to participate in the workplace.

Another form of this is the slave ruling over the master. Did someone say “democracy”? It’s not a coincidence that our society has gone into a tailspin at the same time that the consumers became able to dictate rules and laws to the producers.

Why this is worship of evil: the archangel servant seeks to usurp the divine Master.

2) Separating Power from Responsibility

This is similar… one could even say identical… to the previous, but it takes different form in society. Christ spoke directly about this in his last sermon, the Last Supper. You’ve undoubtedly read/heard about the famous foot-washing scene but I bet your pastor wasn’t eager to explain the concept. Government is established by God among men. Men are to obey government. Christ’s addition to this is that the duty of government is to put the welfare of the common man over that of the government. The strong protect the weak; the gifted orator speaks for the dull-tongued; noblesse oblige. This pleases God.

But the powerful don’t like that any more than you enjoy explaining a complex issue to a moron. The strong despise the weak, the priest resents being questioned and the governor thinks society’s main problem is him being too lenient with dissidents.

In the same way, the devil uses the power he possesses to seek the ruin of God’s people.

3) Creating Moral Ambiguity

The devil’s first recorded action in Scripture, Genesis 3. It is always a prelude to lying about God’s will for humanity. More than anything, this is the fire in which Protestantism burns. Its leaders are completely unwilling to point out evil. In California, this has reached the extreme of Church leaders not voicing an opinion about schoolchildren being required to be encouraged towards sodomy and “gender fluidity”.

Be courageous. Be strong in your convictions. Test yourself and each other so you’re used to the “Are you suuure? How can you be so certain? Why can’t you do your thing while I do mine?” tactic. Because the next thing they’re going to say is “I defy your weakling deity.”

4) The False Accusation

It is curious that chilamony is only awarded after court hearings. An efficiency-minded legislator would simply grant the wife formal control of her husband’s money “for the children”. Why this costly theater? Because the False Accusation is practically a rite of passage for worship of the Evil One. The devil to admit his objections to Christ’s rule are poorly founded, now can he? And so his followers find meaning in destroying people with the power of accusation alone.

This is also why, in evil societies, so many laws are passed that innocence becomes impossible. Everybody is now vulnerable to the False Accusation! In a moral society, people are presumed innocent because innocence must protect, otherwise why be innocent? Again, if the goal was only to enslave you then why not pass laws establishing slavery? Ancient Rome was much more honest, in its robust and blood-spattered idiom, than Western governments today.

As a bonus, people live in fear of being punished for doing good and begin to self-police. The anti-conscience.

5) Exterminating Human Identity

Diversity is our strength! Except for diversity that actually matters. Miscegenate the races, abolish all differences real and imagined, meanwhile force Orwellian groupthink upon everybody. The devil sees us as cattle, as pawns in his chess game against the Almighty, and therefore seeks to treat us as cattle… all dressed the same, speaking the same, thinking the same, nobody standing out in the herd. Everybody becoming increasingly shrill about increasingly small differences.

Also, this is the motivation behind the creation of a world government. An authoritarian, hopelessly remote, one-size-fits-nobody bureaucracy that can crush the individuality out of you like a hydraulic press. The only throne suitable for the Sulfurous One’s butt.

Seriously, do even its proponents claim a unified world government would be the MOST efficient form of government possible? The most responsive to local situations? The most… humane?

These bullet points can help you judge current events that can seem overwhelmingly complicated or inscrutable. Is society being atomized? Do people respect authority more or less, and does that authority seek the good of society or the next reelection cycle? Is innocence considered sacred or outdated? Is there a lot of finger pointing at persons whose crimes are rather unclear? By their works you can identify the wicked.

This also arms you with ways to worship Christ, to push back against the tide of moral sewage.

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