MGTOW Life: Use the Porch, Luke

Solitude can be an issue for guys. There’s nothing wrong with it for the most part but when one wants to get involved or at least know what’s going on in local society, it can become a barrier.

The easiest way is simply to set up on the front porch and do whatever you were planning to do that afternoon, anyway. Read a book, Internet over wireless, and keep an eye on the world passing by. Working on projects in your garage with the garage door open works, too.

A similar method is to make use of the local park. For the minimalists among us, a pair of adjustable hand weights and a grassy field to use them is a fine impromptu gym. Walking there is perfect warmup time and most basic weightlifting exercises can be done without a barbell or machines.

Put yourself out there and see what happens. What opportunities present, who you meet. Our tech is more mobile than ever, might as well take advantage of the fact.


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