Hello, World

In honor of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, I’ve started this blog to inflict my special blend of Protestantism, MGTOW and wit upon the world at large. This thread is for testing. Header photo is public domain from Wikimedia Commons. Thumbnail by Kok Leng Yeo taken from Wikimedia Commons.


2 thoughts on “Hello, World

  1. Testing. That lizard is going to bug me every time I come here. Cold blooded, unthinking, sluggish until heated up – doesn’t match the blog author, in my opinion.


  2. Testing things on my end, too. I chose the lizard on a cow skill as a metaphor for modern times, finding contentment in a dying society. That’s roughly the way I want this blog to go; partly decrying the fools killing the herds and partly making the most of such opportunities as we have. Don’t want to be entirely doom & gloom nor Pollyanna.

    And it did take a lot to heat me up to the point of naming names and taking the initiative.


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