Only the Government Can Give You A Marriage

Wintry Knight has a Tradcon staple of a post up, "ARE YOU READY FOR MARRIAGE? 10 QUESTIONS TO FIND OUT HOW PREPARED YOU ARE", presumably directed at women since no sane man would approve of no-fault divorce and such. The premise that asking a young woman for her beliefs on topics such as child … Continue reading Only the Government Can Give You A Marriage

Free Speech (If Wifey Approves)

Shopify decides to get woke and go broke. Simultaneously, CEO Tobias Lutke decides free speech needs (footnoting). The CEO of major online retailing platform Shopify deleted a post detailing the company's commitment to free speech this week as the company began purging gun-related retailers. Tobias Lutke, founder and CEO of Shopify, deleted a 2017 post … Continue reading Free Speech (If Wifey Approves)

Choose the Form of the Destructor 2!

I support the Drug War because the people who use recreational drugs are the same people who commit other crimes and drug possession is the easiest to prosecute. The San Francisco Gate newspaper inadvertently proves this wisdom: Garbage from Washington state's booming pot industry clogs gutters, sewers and landfills By Kristen Millares Young, 14 … Continue reading Choose the Form of the Destructor 2!

Judge Sarah Backus Covers for Child-Abusing Muslim Terrorists

So much for that "Tender Years" doctrine that claims women are naturally concerned with the welfare of children. I wasn't going to cover the Muslim terrorist camp found in New Mexico--it was pretty lame even for inbred goat-fuckers--but breaking news, NM Supreme Court Judge Sarah Backus decided there was no reason to keep Muslim terrorists … Continue reading Judge Sarah Backus Covers for Child-Abusing Muslim Terrorists

Chicomms Teaching American Students

The Chinese government has been seeding America's higher education with pro-China sentiments and indoctrination. The name of this effort is the Confucius Institute. Congress looks to curb Chinese infiltration of higher ed by Nikita Vladimirov, 22 March 2018 Several Republican lawmakers are backing a new bill that would further tighten the screws on Chinese … Continue reading Chicomms Teaching American Students

Corporal Kneecapper

This is my ideal of an officer-involved shooting: Quick summary: police in Iron County, Utah responded to a couple suspected thieves in a parking lot. The female was brandishing a screwdriver. The morons repeatedly refused to obey police orders to disarm(her) and step out of the way for safety's sake(him). One officer eventually pulled out … Continue reading Corporal Kneecapper

Mazie Hirono, Globalist Commissar

The #MeToo train has no brakes. Hawaii's latest gift to the United States Senate, Mazie Hirono, has been busy practicing what could be construed as criminal entrapment of Trump's court nominees. Dem Sen. Mazie Hirono invades judges’ privacy by prying into their sex lives By Jerome Woehrle August 7, 2018 ...Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) … Continue reading Mazie Hirono, Globalist Commissar

The Elephant Union in the Bedroom

Signaling the Democrat Party's transition from "working men" to "MS-13 slave traders" are their reactions at watching trade unions, once their breadbasket, change political loyalty to President Trump. An op-ed hit piece: https://www.nytimes com/2017/04/08/opinion/sunday/the-unions-that-like-trump.html 8 April 2017 Mr. Trump and his advisers know that his “America First” message resonates with autoworkers and other blue-collar workers. … Continue reading The Elephant Union in the Bedroom